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I Really Needed This

It has been such a loooooooong summer……or so it seems. Having only 1 child has its perks – only having to pay for 1 set of everything, etc. – but it also has its drawbacks – the constant pleading for attention b/c there isn’t anyone else to play with.

That’s where it really wears me down. Especially when I have to go to town or work (I am in the family rental real estate business in addition to blogging), and he can’t go with me but refuses to stay home alone. (He’s old enough, and my parents are right down the street.)

Enter a mini vacation to Helen, Ga, with my aunt.


With the help of my hubby, I was able to get away for a few days and just relax. No housework, no “parental” work, no work except for relaxing.


The hotel room


My aunt and I spent the first couple of days just window-shopping. We saw a lot of really cute & funny things that made us think of family back home.



And we ate at some really great restaurants and had adult beverages.


And watched people as they tubed down the river. One fella was so relaxed that he had fallen asleep & didn’t realize that he’d gotten stuck on a rock…


All in all, it was a very good trip. Although I hated to leave, I was about ready to come back home.

And I’m glad I did!


Where is your favorite place to get away to? Leave a comment below!!

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Why Meditation Works

In last week’s post, I talked about meditating to help relieve yourself of mental stress. The more I looked into meditation, the more benefits I discovered!

Before I delve into my list, I want to be clear that I didn’t come up with these reasons on my own. I did my research, and I felt that this site gave the best scientifically based reasons for meditating. Plus you have access to more helpful links.

Here are 7 big reasons why meditation works:

  1. It boosts your health
  2. It boosts your happiness
  3. It boosts your social life
  4. It boosts your self-control
  5. It changes your brain
  6. It improves your productivity (in other words, it may help with motivation!)
  7. It makes you wiser and keeps you real

I have found that meditating really does work for these exact reasons! Try it for yourself and see if your overall wellness doesn’t improve. Then come back and tell me your discovery. 🙂



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Decompressing Yourself

Have you felt like a tightly stretched rubber band, ready to break at the slightest increase in tension? Every little noise just grates your nerves. The thought of your ever-growing To-Do list causes you to have a mental meltdown. Kids, husband, work, and community responsibilities pull at you from every which way but loose.

And you’re desperately looking for the light at the end of the darkest tunnel…

My friend, you are not alone.

With today’s myriad of activities, technological activities, and general “noise,” it’s more important than ever to find the calmness in the storm. More and more people are finding themselves on medication to treat ailments that can be linked to increased stress. (DISCLAIMER: I am not against medication. There is a time and place for medicine, and I am very thankful for that! I myself am on an anti-depressant to control my mental illness.)

In my various therapy sessions, I have learned the best way to help myself mentally – and, in turn, physically – is by meditation. I talked about meditation in my Facebook Live chat the other day. (If you missed it, you can watch the replay here.) This may be a little too “New Age” for some, but I really encourage you to try it.

Here’s how:

*Sit in a quiet room – either on the floor, criss-cross-applesauce, or in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor. Let your hands rest gently on your knees.

*Focus – close your eyes and focus your attention to your breathing…the way it feels when you inhale and then exhale. Should you find yourself thinking about your to-do list, acknowledge that thought (like, “Hello, Thought!”) and then bring your attention back to your breathing. Don’t judge yourself for getting distracted. Over time, it will get better.

Meditation doesn’t have to be hours and hours. Sometimes the most effective meditation I’ve had has been as little as 5 minutes. You can do that during your lunch break, before getting the kids, before bed, or whenever you need a quick decompress.

Try meditating this week and let me know how it effects your mental state.