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Life Update

Today is Day 13 of my 70-day prep. (I’m doing a “virtual prep” for an upcoming bikini competition. It’s “virtual” because I’m not able to actually enter the competition at this time.) I’m so stinking tired! I’ve been following a very strict ketogenic diet, which means that I consume no more than 25g of carbs each day. *AAAGGGHH!* Only 57 days left! 🙂 I’ve already planned my post-prep meal: Nachos Mexicanos & margaritas at my favorite Mexican restaurant! YUM!!!

As far as my workouts, I’ve been doing 2-A-Days when my schedule allows. That’s rough. In the mornings, I’m doing my regular exercises that my trainer gives me. In the afternoons I’m going to a class called Team Strength and doing those exercises (which can be BRUTAL!). My goal is to become a bikini competitor.

And I have a deadline.

And I’m determined to meet it to the best of my ability.

That means that I have to be proactive, disciplined, and (almost) hyper-focused on the process that will allow me to reach my goals. In addition to my bikini prep, I have a life that I need to balance – work, wifely duties, mom duties, being a responsible member of my church/scout community. HARD!

The stress is real….but I am DETERMINED to be the best version of myself that I can be!

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