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The buzzword in the medical field is “Gut Health.” New studies are showing a relation between the gut health and the overall immune system.

Why is this significant?

Your gut is the storehouse of your physical and mental health. 70% – 80% of your immune system lives in your gut. Chronic illnesses, hormonal imbalance, migraines, allergies, and most autoimmune disorders can be helped by supporting and healing your gut. The gut is in constant communication with the rest of the body by the enteric nervous system.

When there’s too much harmful bacteria overgrowth, that communication avenue has been disconnected. This is a big deal considering that a large majority of your neurotransmitters are developed in the gut and that serotonin is stored here.

The factors that hinder gut health are a combination of pH imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, hormone imbalance, and harmful bacteria overgrowth. The harmful bacteria is a dimorphic fungus – meaning that it shape-shifts from a single cell fungus to a mycelial fungus (a fungus with a mass of branching filaments) with an exoskeleton (chitin) and hyphae (root-like hairs) that attaches itself to your intestinal lining, causing tiny perforations that then leak out toxins, allergens, and proteins into the bloodstream. This means that waste products that were intended to be transported safely out of your body is now leaking into the bloodstream.

When there is a major overgrowth of harmful bacteria, your body is living in daily survival mode – and you can feel it with achy joints, bad skin, weight that won’t budge, high anxiety, huge hormonal imbalance, and many other symptoms.

What can I do?

There are 3 things that this harmful bacteria feeds on: sugar, dead matter, and waste. Your attack must also be threefold: cut back, kill, cleanse.

Cut Back

Your sugar intake needs to be cut back (or, better yet, cut out of) in your diet – even natural sugars. I’m talking to myself because I switched my white sugar for agave and honey and just went to town eating all of that. Do you think I was doing any good? No! Instead, the harmful bacteria was thriving even more! All sugar has to be cut back. Why? To starve the enemy, to keep the ball out of its hands, to keep it from growing and producing chitin.


The probiotics you find on the market work in trying to crowd out the harmful bacteria without killing it. They don’t have what it takes to penetrate the chitin. These probiotics are a decent defense. What you need is a probiotic that contains the anti-fungal chitosanase which penetrates the chitin and kills the harmful bacteria itself.


Once the harmful bacteria has been killed, it needs to be cleansed from the system. This will further cut the food supply for future harmful bacterial growth.


In 2000, Congress declared the 90’s as the “Decade of the Brain.” With neurogastroenterology being one of the fastest growing fields in medicine, I believe Congress will be calling this the “Decade of the Gut.” You see it coming. The probiotics are already in the commercials. Next will come digestive enzymes or anti-fungals.

Remember: it’s all about gut health, which seems complicated but the approach to restoring it is simple using the 3 Step Strategy:

1. Cut back. The harmful bacteria feed on mainly sugar.

2. Kill. The harmful bacteria must be targeted by a powerful anti-fungal.

3. Cleanse. The harmful bacteria also feeds on dead matter.

Getting your health back is a journey. I have the products that can help. Stop looking for a “quick fix” and enjoy the benefits of a healing body!

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