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My Story

Do you struggle with a sweet tooth? Addicted to soda – even diet soda? I do. It’s soooo hard!!! But I have been able to cut way back with the help of Plexus Slim.

Not that long ago, I was consuming in excess of 48 cans of diet soda – 48 cans BY MYSELF! – in a week! That doesn’t even count the ones I’d order with my meals or buy from the store.

Add to that diet soda addiction a massive sweet tooth. I joke and say that my sweet tooth is the size of a planet! There has been research published lately that has said sugar has addictive properties similar to drugs. I believe it!

Enter Plexus Slim. The first positive side effect I experienced was a drastic drop in my diet soda consumption. Now, I don’t have a “taste” for it. I may still order a diet soda when at a restaurant, which is maybe once a week – if not fewer – but I don’t keep them in my home.

The second positive side effect I have experienced has been my sweet tooth has been reduced significantly. Do I eat sweets? YES! I love me some donuts or lemon pie or banana pudding…yum!!! There was a time when I would have dessert as a “meal.” Not exactly healthy. Now I can go days, really, without wanting something sweet to eat. I don’t crave it the way I did once before.

This is my story. There are thousands of stories like mine of how Plexus has been instrumental in a person’s returning to good health. Are you ready to write your story?

Adventure Awaits.

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